The Myth of Doing “That One Thing”

A friend of mine sent me this awesome blog post by the co-founder of Buffer, Leo Widrich. It sets a realistic view for the way people eventually build success or become good at something. Do the work, volumes of work (as a designer, I’m still trying to do the volumes of work so I can be much better than I am) and then your best work will begin to show. Fantastic post! He also posted a video of Radio and TV host Ira Glass that reinforces this idea.


Ira Glass video:

Want to Take or Retake That Class You Blew Off in College? Lifehacker University Rounds Up Free Online Resources

As someone that loves and lives to learn, I just saw that Lifehacker put together a list of resources where you can be part of or actually take classes from top-notch schools like Stanford, Duke and Harvard. I didn’t have the grades to make it to those schools but the fact that I can take those classes now, for free and expand my skillsets from the comfort of my lazyboy, blows my mind. I signed up for the Think Again: How to Reason and Argue class from Duke University at Coursera. Maybe I’ll see peeps there! Enjoy!